Want a bright and enchanting wedding? Looking for a cover band? We will definitely drive every person in your holiday drive.

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Anyone involved in the organization of the holidays, faced with the question - to order live music or limit the playback of music files from your computer or player? But only the first chords echo from the stage, the question of the expediency of ordering artists immediately raises. Seeing a band in front of them, the guests realize that they have been given a real holiday. You can listen to the music on the record at any time, but only live music on holiday will give emotions to you and your guests, and will make the event unforgettable.

Birthday Party Cover

Professionalism! The 100 Minutes cover band has selected musicians who have been living in music since childhood. We have existed for 9 years in the market of music services and our composition has not changed since its foundation. We are loyal friends.

Quality of performance! Quality performance above all! Each musician has a music education and has dedicated his life to music. Every day we devote time to classes and rehearsals. We own our own music studio in the center of Ternopil, where we work on ourselves and create music!

Sound quality! We work on top quality, professional JBL sound equipment, Sennheiser, Shure made by USA, England ... To provide the best sound at a concert, we have made so much effort that we have come to consider it a very big achievement of our own. We have our own sound engineer with more than 25 years of experience at all events - this is the seventh person in the group! He has collaborated with such giants of the Ukrainian and Russian scene as Okean Elzy, Valery Meladze, Irina Bilyk, Druha Rika, and others. We are one of the first in Ukraine to start using in-ear monitoring that provides clean sound in the hall, not noise from the stage! The total cost of all the equipment that we will bring to you is approximately 1500000-3000000 UAH. Better than we don't sound any cover band!

Appearance. For us, this is another very important part of the whole system called 100 Minutes. Even in everyday life, we follow the fashion to always stay in the trend. Therefore, high-quality classic branded clothing is always present at any event, be it a wedding or a corporate event. You will be sure that we will look like a million!

A few more words. High level of English proficiency. You will not be ashamed of the foreign guests for clumsy English. You can hear it in our videos with almost no emphasis. Your favorite English songs will sound the way they should sound. Each of our performances is a separate show, we break away with your guests, the vocalists light, entertain and wittily joke from the stage, all for you to have the most fun, drive. We pump out the most moody public, we all dance! Concerts opened car shows and nightclubs. Worked for thousands of corporate clients with star guests and high-ranking officials! We can handle any holiday! Order us!


The cover of 100 Minutes band performs not only in Ternopil, but also in other cities of Ukraine and abroad. Do you wonder how much live music costs for a wedding in Kyiv, Lviv, Cherkasy, Uzhgorod or other cities?

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Having met 100 Minutes, you will become true friends for years to come! The band's crazy energy, musical skills, artistry of the performers, and of course, the spectacular and stylish appearance of the soloists are the key to the success of any event! Christina's bright and unique voice, Vitali's distinct timbre combined with live music allow us to make our repertoire unique. Our team performs both pop hits of the 80's and super-modern tracks equally, and sings in Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages. We professionally perform songs that other artists do not even consider! Real quality live music is the foundation of every holiday. We are a cover group from Ternopil, but we are happy to work throughout Ukraine and Europe.

What is the composition of the group for the corporate event?

The music collective has been unchanged since 2011. 100 Minutes are 6 musicians: male and female vocals, keyboards, bass, drums and guitar! Also, we always work with us sound engineer and lighting technician.

What kind of music will suit the corporate?

We always compile a preview playlist for each event individually, taking into account the ratio of different generations of guests. The repertoire almost always changes during the event, because it is impossible to predict 100% what kind of songs the audience will dance to. During the performance, we analyze the behavior of people, pick up their mood and play what the guests currently require. This is a science, so just trust us with this question and you will always have fun on the dance floor! To sum up, contemporary songs, retro 80-90s, compositions by Modern Talking, Boney-M, Tom Jones will not leave anyone indifferent, from young people to those over fifty. The band's repertoire also includes poles, waltzes and folk songs for the older generation. Songs from bands Dzidzio, Scriabin, TIC, OE, will wake anyone up, raise the most demanding on the dance floor, create a mood of fun and drive. All these hits in our flawless performance and with frantic energy will just tear the dance floor! We will work with you with a lot of experience in this matter and the largest list of compositions among Ukrainian cover bands. We know how to create a mood and love working with the public, and most importantly!

How long is the band performing?

For each corporation performance time is calculated individually. In most cases, 3 outlets of 45 minutes are sufficient. But our team gladly adapts to the program of your action!

Will the group come to another city?

The cover of 100 Minutes is located in Ternopil. But we perform all over Ukraine. During the years of the band we have visited more than 100 cities of Ukraine and 7 countries. Therefore, we will gladly come to Lviv, Kiev or fly to Rome!

How is the process of preparation for the performance going?

The group arrives on your holiday 5 hours before it starts. During this time, our technicians install all the necessary equipment, adjust it. Musicians make a sound check. The team is ready to perform 1-2 hours before the holiday.

Can the band change their looks and costumes during the performance?

Of course, but we agree on this in advance and a separate payment. Our vocalist can change outfits of each block, dress in Sherri Hill or Jovani dresses, and it will definitely be spectacular. To add more elements to the show and make your holiday more diverse, we can make one or more blocks of music of different eras. DISCO 80s - this performance is performed in wigs and accompanied by disco music (Boney M, Ottawan, Michael Jackson). The image of the gangsters, the Rock 'n' Roll era (Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry). Looks like a stylish '90s musician on the cops and entertains you with hits from 2 Unlimited, La Bouche and more. There is also a rock image. All of these images bring their mood and energy, all of which you can see in our promo video "Hits 80-90 and Rock". Any of the images will be a very good addition to the main performance. Just listen to your heart and choose what's closer to you! Such a show will no longer offer you any cover band in Ukraine!

Do you provide proof of payment?

The cover group of 100 Minutes at your request works on a contract! All key points are stated in it, signed by the team director and sent to you by mail or scanned and sent electronically! But even without a contract you have nothing to worry about! We are trying for you! You can be sure - we are honest and responsible. We have a perfect reputation and we want to keep it that way!

How to book a group and book a date?

You can order the group by calling 098-573-20-20 or 098-60-36-195, or go to the contact section and find out more. To book a date you will need to sign an agreement and make a prepayment (20-30% of the total cost).

Our experience will help not only in music

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