Of course, but we agree on this in advance and a separate payment. Our vocalist can change outfits of each block, dress in Sherri Hill or Jovani dresses, and it will definitely be spectacular. To add more elements to the show and make your holiday more diverse, we can make one or more blocks of music of different eras. DISCO 80s - this performance is performed in wigs and accompanied by disco music (Boney M, Ottawan, Michael Jackson). The image of the gangsters, the Rock 'n' Roll era (Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry). Looks like a stylish '90s musician on the cops and entertains you with hits from 2 Unlimited, La Bouche and more. There is also a rock image. All of these images bring their mood and energy, all of which you can see in our promo video "Hits 80-90 and Rock". Any of the images will be a very good addition to the main performance. Just listen to your heart and choose what's closer to you! Such a show will no longer offer you any cover band in Ukraine