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It is very easy to order live music for a wedding or a party.

Let's introduce ourselves

Khrystyna Ozhybko
Instrument: vocal
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Instrument: vocal. From the childhood I knew that I would become a singer - it was my dream. At school I participated in various vocal and dance competitions and attended an actor's circle. At one time I was fond of journalism and practiced in one of the local newspapers, but the thirst for music won. Since then I am seriously engaged in vocals, I write my own compositions and lyrics to songs. One of my compositions of the band "100 Minutes" got into the rotation of Ukrainian music channels: M1, M2, Music Box and Ru-Music

Mykhaylo Popyk
Instrument: bass guitar, bass keys
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"I am engaged in music from the 5th grade, and I've dedicated to the bass guitarall all my life, so I very delicately feel this wonderful instrument, that combines the rhythm, melody, harmony and creates the soil into one powerful and drive mix! Now I am the director of the recording studio "100 Minutes", a music producer, author of numerous remixes and my own compositions. My songs under the stage name "Mike 2Night" are rotated on various radio stations: "Kiss FM", "Favorite Radio" and others. Together with my beloved wife, the vocalist of the group, we make a duo "100 Minutes" - which in 2015, thanks to its talent got into the rotation of music channels M1, M2, Ru-music with the composition "Losing Control"

Pavlo Popyk
Instrument: drum
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Energetic, expressive and impulsive - the one that should be a true drummer!!! However, behind the stage, he's usually quite. I have been doing music for more than 14 years. Capture of heavy rock, jazz, and funk led me to the play on percussion musical instruments. Also, under the pseudonym "Sanani" I create my own Trance-style electronic music, which is issued by foreign record labels all over the world. My songs can be bought at the world's largest music stores: iTunes, Amazon, Beatport. The main motto in life - do what you like. Me dream is a bicycle tour of Asian countries for many months. Sources of inspiration - cycling, travelling, nature.

Vitaliy Koval
Instrument: drum
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I grew up in a musical family, so I sing from my childhood. I began to study music professionally from seven years when I went to a music school. Later I graduated from the  Solomia Krushelnytska musical college. After that I continued my studies at V. Hnatiuk pedagogical university of Ternopil, where I learned the skills of teaching vocals. I'm a participant of "X-Factor" and finalist of the All-Ukrainian Festival "Chervona Ruta". I am fond of model business, I was the face of not one glossy magazine. On the podium I presented clothing from such famous Ukrainian brands as Voronin, Lidia Yanitska and others. For me, the performance is an opportunity to present you real bright emotions and create an atmosphere of family comfort in the hall. 

Serhiy Porada
Instrument: guitar!
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I've been playing music for over 20 years. Since childhood parents have raised in me the love for it. I graduated from the musical school with a class of violin. I graduated from TNPU, specializing as a music teacher, the teacher of guitar. I was a participant in many projects that worked in different styles: from hard rock to jazz. I love music and I can not imagine my life without it, because music carries good emotions and makes people a little happier! And when you give it to people, when you see how everyone dances - there is a magic, there is an exchange of energy. Music is without borders, it's as a soul!

Andriy Syrnyk
Instrument: keyboards, back-vocal
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I play the piano from six years old. Since childhood I loved music and always dreamed to become a musician. The instrument and a talent I've got from my father. Therefore, from the earliest years I showed to the instrument a grest interest, this led to the fact that I was taken to the music school right away to the third grade. Serious work was resulted in a lot of awards in all-Ukrainian and international competitions. At leisure I write music, do sound design, create soundtracks for films. I adore live performances, always under any circumstances, I play on 100%! Music gives me vital powers, turns dreams into reality.

Cover band 100 minutes

About us

Having met 100 Minutes, you will become true friends for years to come! The band's crazy energy, musical skill, artistry, and, of course, the spectacular and stylish appearance of the soloists are the key to success of your wedding or any other event! We are a cover group from Ternopil, but we are happy to work throughout Ukraine and Europe.


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DON'T KNOW HOW TO BOOK OUR COVER GROUP? It is very easy to order live music for a wedding or a party.

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100 MINUTES in numbers

We have been working in the market for a long time and have a lot of experience in organizing holidays.
The largest repertoire is 500+

The collective with the largest list of compositions among all cover bands of Ukraine will work with you.


We know how to make your holiday bright and successful because more than 300 weddings have been played in Lviv, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Kiev and other cities


Our cover band has been working in the wedding services market for over 9 years and we know everything about weddings

45 Happy couples

More than 45 couples in love annually trust us to entertain guests at their weddings. Join you too!

Newlyweds' reviews

Serhiy and Mariana
Ternopil, restaurant Art Avenu

My wife and I are very pleased and grateful for the cool atmosphere. Everything was very professional and driveable. Friends are still asking for you and asking for your contacts! Thank you again!

Veronika and Vitaliy
Bukovel, Hotel Radisson Blu Resort

There are in the group 100 minutes talented, friendly people and a super organized team of professionals, who made our holiday memorable and fun. Thank you for being with us this day!

Iryna and Yuriy
Lviv, restaurant Halytska Korona

A great band that really knows how to light the audience!!! Wonderful and high-quality performance of songs, excellent light effects have created our holiday unique. Therefore, if someone wants to organize an unforgettable event - then the band "100 Minutes" is a perfectl choice! Thank you again!

Diana and Paul
Khmelnitsky, a hospitable courtyard of VET

Many thanks to the band "100 Minutes" for the wonderful mood and atmosphere at the wedding! Separately, thanks from the wedding father for the opportunity to perform the song on drummers! Guests were pleased and impressed. We recommend everyone!!!

Questions on the organization of speeches

The music collective has been unchanged since 2011. 100 Minutes are 6 musicians: male and female vocals, keyboards, bass, drums and guitar! Also, we always work with us sound engineer and lighting technician

We always compile a pre-playlist for each wedding individually, based on the proportion of guests of different ages. The repertoire almost always changes during the wedding, because it is impossible to predict 100% what kind of songs the audience will dance to. During the performance, we analyze the behavior of people, pick up their mood and play what the guests currently require. This is a science, so just trust us with this question and you will always have fun on the dance floor! To sum up, contemporary songs, retro 80-90s, compositions by Modern Talking, Boney-M, Tom Jones will not leave anyone indifferent, from young people to those over fifty. The band's repertoire also includes poles, waltzes and folk songs for the older generation. Songs from bands Dzidzio, Scriabin, TIC, OE, will wake anyone up, raise the most demanding on the dance floor, create a mood of fun and drive. All these hits in our flawless performance and with frantic energy will just tear the dance floor! We will work with you with a lot of experience in this matter and the largest list of compositions among Ukrainian cover bands. We know how to create a mood and love working with the public, and most importantly

For each wedding or corporate event the performance time is calculated individually. In most cases, 3-4 branches of 45-55 min are sufficient. One might think that 4 blocks of 45 minutes is very small. But let's check it out! Below is an example of a small graphical timing to see that the 4 blocks are out by 1.00 in the morning. And if you have a more intense program that can have performances of different groups, fire shows, tricks, launching balls or flashlights - then everything goes on for a while

The cover of 100 Minutes is located in Ternopil. But we perform all over Ukraine. During the years of the band we have visited more than 100 cities of Ukraine and 7 countries. Therefore, we will gladly come to Lviv, Kiev or fly from Warsaw to Amsterdam

The group arrives on your holiday 5 hours before it starts. During this time, our technicians install all the necessary equipment, adjust it. Musicians make a sound check. The team is ready to perform 1-2 hours before the holiday

Of course, but we agree on this in advance and a separate payment. Our vocalist can change outfits of each block, dress in Sherri Hill or Jovani dresses, and it will definitely be spectacular. To add more elements to the show and make your holiday more diverse, we can make one or more blocks of music of different eras. DISCO 80s - this performance is performed in wigs and accompanied by disco music (Boney M, Ottawan, Michael Jackson). The image of the gangsters, the Rock 'n' Roll era (Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry). Looks like a stylish '90s musician on the cops and entertains you with hits from 2 Unlimited, La Bouche and more. There is also a rock image. All of these images bring their mood and energy, all of which you can see in our promo video "Hits 80-90 and Rock". Any of the images will be a very good addition to the main performance. Just listen to your heart and choose what's closer to you! Such a show will no longer offer you any cover band in Ukraine

We are professional musicians and dedicated lives to music, just like the presenters. It takes a lot of effort to become a true professional and have a wedding. Everything in life does not fit in, you have to choose something for the sake of a good result. We chose music, so we don't have a wedding, but we can recommend a good presenter. Lately, many people are giving up on the presenter and only trust the music of the evening to the musicians - we are ready to help you with this difficult question and to take on some of the duties of the presenter

The cover group of 100 Minutes at your request works on a contract! All key points are stated in it, signed by the team director and sent to you by mail or scanned and sent electronically! But even without a contract you have nothing to worry about! We are trying for you! You can be sure - we are honest and responsible. We have a perfect reputation and we want to keep it that way

You can order the group by calling 096-67-61-352 or 098-60-36-195, or go to the contact section and find out more. To book your wedding date you will need to sign an agreement and make a prepayment (20-30% of the total cost) You will also need to observe a small household rider during your wedding on the territory of Ukraine or abroad!

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